Karl M. Johanson, PhD

Pullman School Board

Director Area 4

Experience Counts!

Candidate for Pullman School Board

The entire concept of public education is being challenged by corporate and religious interests. At the state level, the new legislation in response to McCleary will have negative effects on the Pullman District. To meet these challenges Karl brings over 50 years of experience in public education. He has served on the Pullman School Board for 19 years, 15 years on the Finance Committee. He has time to dedicate to all of a member's responsibilities, and is ready to serve!

Karl M. Johanson represents you! 
Board Transparency

Special Education

Teacher Retention

Fund Balance Adequate to Manage the District

Endorsed by the Pullman Education Association

Trusted by Regional School Board Members

Committed to Education

Special Programs

The District currently has many programs to meet the needs of our diverse students. Much of Karl's professional life has been spent designing and implementing these programs. Karl will make sure that current programs continue to serve students regardless of economic background or ethnicity and will help create new options.

Benefits of Sponsored Activities

Karl prides himself on championing the benefits of student involvement in school sponsored activities, including athletics. 

Research shows that involved, connected, students do better during middle school and high school on almost every key measure, including discipline, standardized test scores, and graduation rates.

Education Reform

Karl has concerns about Core 24. The State Board of Education's preference that all students attend a four-year college, ignores the efficacy of other post-graduation paths such as jobs, apprenticeships, and the military. Karl supports the concept of charter schools,, but believes that similar flexibility could be created within our District.

Standard Salaries  & Benefits 

A new approach to standardized teacher salaries has just been passed by the State Legislature . It incorporates a adjuster for the cost of housing. and changes state wide teacher salary schedules. These changes will have a dramatic effect on the District. Karl's experience will be needed as the District makes this transition. 

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What our teachers are saying

The Pullman Education Association endorses Karl for re-election based on his experience and his commitment to education.

What other school board members have done:

Elected Karl as the Chairman of the state 

Interscholastic Activities Committee (IAC)