Karl M. Johanson, PhD

Pullman School Board

Director Area 4

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Over 50 years experience in education

Karl is an elected local, regional and state school director leader, valued for his experience and knowledge. During his career, he has effectively served in almost every possible educational role. He has worked as a certified classroom K-12 teacher, and as a principal, special programs director, and superintendent, primarily in school settings that served students with special needs. He and his wife Bobbie moved into the Pullman School District in 1984. For 27 consecutive years one or more of his children attended Pullman schools. All four graduated from PHS. and attained college degrees; three have earned advanced degrees. He has served on the Pullman School Board for nineteen years. 

When he joined the board, the District was one month from being insolvent and placed under the direct supervision of ESD 101. The primary reason was declining enrollment without corresponding program reductions, and classic overspending. Nineteen years later, Pullman is in a rapid growth mode. the fund balance is adequate, the high school is completed, and ground has been broken on the new Kamiak Elementary. For 15 of those 19 years he has served on the Finance Committee, including many years as the Chair. He is not solely responsible for those changes and financial stability; however, he has played an important part.

His experience and commitment were two key factors cited by the Pullman Education Association when they decided to give Karl their endorsement.